Connected Sparks mission is to equip children with 21st century life skills, while improving their readiness to become successful participants an increasingly complex and changing world. We help children and teachers gain these skills through our story-driven learning platform, products, and 21st century skill building methodologies. Each storyworld we produce creates an eco-system of products and programs, targeted at a key age demographic and core skills.

What We Create.

We create story-driven learning platforms that educate, entertain, and inspire.

Immersive Storyworlds
Digital + Physical Educational Products
Programs + Camps
Teacher Training

Our Products.

Teacher + Classroom Kits

Story-Driven Learning Labs + Programs

Book Series + App Bundle

Our products and programs teach 21st century skills through story, educational play, and entertainment, inspiring life-long learners and global change-makers.

Get to know us.

  • Janine Saunders CEO

    Janine lives and breathes all things Connected Sparks. Purely motivated to inspire greatness with the help of children around the world. All children deserve to be inspired and motivated to become their best.

    Lance Weiler CCO

    Lance is responsible for the companies creative and growth strategy. Lance is the Director of Experiential Learning & Applied Creativity at Columbia University, and works on initiatives that mix storytelling, tech and social good.

    Susie Kavanaugh Director of Education

    Susie is currently completing her masters in Cognitive Studies in Learning at Columbia University. Susie helps design product, program, and media to ensure the experience is promoting collaboration, innovation, design, and imagination.

    Barrie Adleberg Director of Digital Learning

    Barrie is an imaginative play designer, master people connector, and expert kid experience translator. With an expertise in creative educational tech, Barrie loves bringing inspired products and programs to life through collaborative ideation.

    Robert Gosselin CTO

    Robert is the the CTO of Connected Sparks and also the Founder of WE_ARE, the digital studio in Montreal that designs all interactive components for Connected Sparks. Robert has been working on interactive design for over 15 years and now manages a team of over 30 developers, designers, and programmers.

    Meghana Srivatsa Creative Associate

    Meghana works with the team across products and media development to assist on creative development. Engineering student by day, super talented creative by night.

  • Columbia University

    Learn Do Share is a global prototype developed and run at Columbia University. Learn Do Share serves as our R&D partner around 21st century learning and assessment, as well as our host for teacher training and workshops.


    KitHub empowers educators and parents to help kids dive into hands-on, fun and creative STEM projects in the classroom and at home by providing theme-based kits and easy to follow lesson plans and instructions. KitHub and Connected Sparks have partnered to extend our storyworlds into hands-on tinkering learning experiences.

    Penguin Books

    Penguin Books is the publisher of our first storyworld, Lyka’s Adventure.

  • 1.

    we learn from everyone that uses our products, attends our workshops, or interacts with our brand.


    we do by prototyping, testing, and releasing.


    we share what we learn through our teacher training, Story Spark Labs, and educational products.

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  • Connected Sparks was founded one evening when Lance and Janine asked each-other “how can we make a classroom experience for children that they will remember for the rest of their life?” And so the journey started. It would start with a story and a character who needed help. Students loved it. Teachers loved it. And thus, story-driven learning had a new life at Connected Sparks.

    The team found their strength in creating learning experiences, products, and media that shape skills like empathy, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving and harness children’s creative efforts to ignite future leaders and global change-makers.

What people are saying.

  • “Could become something of a model for education… exposing participants to critical thinking skills and structured creativity that students will need to be successful.”

  • “One of the top five social good / educational startups to watch.”

    via MASHABLE
  • “Lyka’s little adventure could be the next big innovation in how kids learn across platforms.”

    via coolmomtech.com

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