Utilizing story adventures to empower kids to design global solutions, build soft-skills, and spark lifelong exploration.




We produce experiences that prepare kids K-5 with the core competencies needed to test their assumptions of the world with confidence and resiliency. Our programming bridges the underserved gap between social-emotional early learning and late elementary STEAM. Using original character worlds like Lyka's Adventure, we create grounded context for prototyping original works. Our experience design and story architecture combined with kid ingenuity are our recipe for story universes that live beyond paper.

what makes us special?


Our experiences are rooted in story and mission.



We empower kids with the support and tools they need to bring their ideas to life.



We design with kids, not just for them.



We are product and subject agnostic.



“a little bit of magic can take you a long way.”

RoALD Dahl


our story

Some years ago we set out to create an educational experience that kids would remember for the rest of their lives. Our motive? We believed that education needed to be more magical. It's those lightning bolt, aha!, eureka! moments in life that stick with us, ignite imagination, and shape our core identities. We set out to design purpose-driven experiences for kids, creating safe learning environments where they can absorb, test, and question, to grow soft-skills. This is what we love to do. We love fun, we create doors out of walls, we put our trust in the power of kid imagination, and we believe we must open their eyes, minds, ears, and hearts to set real change in motion.




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